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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in a bath/groom?
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How much does it cost for a haircut?
Each pet is individually priced based on size, condition of the coat, desired haircut and the behavior for the grooming. As an estimate,  Shih Tzus start at $65. Standard size Poodle or Poodle Mixes start at $130


Why is my dog scared when I take him for grooming?
Most pups run right in to greet us as we do our very best to make your dog feel safe and loved while they are here. Dogs will often feed off their owners emotions.  To lessen stress on your pet, please do not hover when dropping off your dog.  Show him you're confident in leaving him and he in return will be more confident about staying.
How long will it take?

This will usually vary based on coat, size, behavior and overall scheduling each day.  Most grooms are completed within 2 hours.  However, we may run behind as the day goes on. If you're concerned about timing, the best time to book will be in the morning.


Will my dog be sedated?
NEVER. Sedated grooms are done in a Veterinary Clinics only.
Can I stay during the groom?

Sorry, but no.  All focus needs to be between the groomer and your pup. You are the love of your dog's life and seeing you sends them into a frenzy of excitement. This can be dangerous when working with sharp tools, such as scissors and clipper blades,  and it is not safe.  It has been our experience that most dogs are actually more stressed when their owners are in sight.

What if my dog has fleas?

We have a flea free environment at Canine Design. 

If you know/suspect your dog has fleas, please stop by a vet clinic and pick up a capstar and give it to your dog 30 minutes prior to coming in for grooming. Capstar is an oral treatment that kills adult fleas for up to 12 hours. Should we find live fleas on your dog you will be charged an additional fee of $20.


Why do you insist on shaving my dog down?
The only time we would ever insist on shaving your pet is when they are matted. Clipper blades do not cut through mats...they must go under. We will use the safest length needed to remove mats.
Do you accept walk ins?

No, we are by appointment only. We book 1-2 weeks out. During spring/holidays we will book 3-4 weeks out. 

Will you pluck the hair out of my dogs ears?

This is a very controversial issue.  Some Veterinarians say plucking prevents ear infections and some say it causes them. Please talk with your Veterinarian and find out what they prefer I do. We DO NOT attempt to pluck hair that is deeply imbedded in the ear or ears that show signs of an infection. This is a job for your Veterinarian.

Do you express my dogs anal glands?

This is also a very controversial issue. Some Veterinarians want groomers to express the glands and some do not. Most dogs express the anal glands on their own when having a bowel movement. WE DO NOT do routine anal expression unless you request it. Again, please speak with your Veterinarian and see what they prefer.  Expressions are done externally, with light pressure only and is only a partial empty.  If you have been experiencing ongoing issues with this, please see your vet for an internal/proper full expression.


How will I know my pup is ready to be picked up?

We always text you when your pet is finished. If you return before you receive a phone call please add at least 20 mins longer for me to calm your pet down before I can finish. 


What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or check is preferred but we do accept Visa/MC


In the event that your check is returned unpaid we will charge a $40 fee and send your check to the Macomb County Prosecuting Attorneys Office for further collection. 


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